Quran Memorization

With Tajweed

About Course

Want to memorize Quran online? Al Quresh Academy is here to help you do so. Our experienced and professional Quran tutors offer online Quran memorization classes to help the students to Hifz Quran online. Your child will be guided at each and every step in the process of Quran memorization. We intend to make your child excellent Hafiz/Hafiza of Quran under the guidance of our experienced Quran tutors.

Memorizing the Quran is to learn every word of it by heart. Memorizing the Holy Book is different from memorizing any other piece of text. It is a great responsibility to learn the Quran rightfully, as you cannot and must not change any word or even the slightest makharij. Changes in makharij often change the entire meaning and context of the word and the verse in its entirety. It is the message of Allah, thus should be learned and held with immense concentration and great responsibility.

Being able to learn the Quran by heart is a beautiful feeling, a great asset, and sacred possession in itself. It’s like you carry the Quran in your heart. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the light of the Holy Book follows you. Do you want to experience the same? Do you wish to hold the sacred book so close to yourself? Having the outstanding power and strength of knowing the Quran by heart? Are you looking for a professional to help you achieve this dream? You have reached the right place, we are here to pave ways to your dream. Give us the honor to help you gain this ‘PLEASURE’.

Why You Should Enroll This Course

Each Muslim dreams of Memorizing the Quran and understanding its meanings. Quran is the guidance sent by Allah Almighty to his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Allah Almighty said in the Holy Quran, “We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and we will assuredly guard it (from corruption).” (15:9). Each Muslim should memorize the Quran and encourage his/her children to do.

Allah sent the Quran down to Muslims in Arabic. So who master teaching the Quran better than native Arab tutors?! That’s why Quran tutors at Al Quresh Academy guarantee perfect Quran memorization, correct Quran pronouncing, and good Quran understanding.

In Al Quresh Academy, we have male and female native Quran teachers specialized in Quran teaching. They hold Ijazah in and are qualified to teach the Quran for children and adults.

In this course, your Quran teacher will start with the short Surahs to the long ones to ensure easy, gradual memorization of all of the Holy Quran. Your teacher will work on facilitating memorization and help you overcome any problems with memorization, Tajweed, or phonetics.