Learn, Memorize Quran with Tajweed in Less Time with Less Time

Dear Readers and learner’s in this blog we will be getting to know how to learn/ memorize Quran with Tajweed

in less time and with less effort.

The first step is to learn the Tajweed.

There is an Book which is great for those who want to learn Tajweed in less time with less effort,

which is Al Qaidah An Nuraniah. In this book you will learn Tajweed in less time.

While reading this book you don’t have to memorize any single Tajweed rule.

Now let’s move on How to memorize Quran fast.

To memorize Quran there are several ways but we will be showing you 3 effective ways.

The First way:

To repeat the Ayah for 20 times until you get memorized then go for second ayah and do the same.

After that don’t repeat the same for 3rd Ayah instead repeat the first 2 ayahs for 10 times by closing the eyes

repeat this method for every 2 ayah in this way you will be memorizing very perfectly.

The Second Way

To listen and memorize the Quran.

How to do that ?

First open the website named quran.com then choose your surah.

Then listen the first ayah and don’t forget to keep the ayah on repeating.

While listening to it repeat after the reciter in this way you get 2 benefits.

You will get similar voice of your Favorite Reciter

You will correct your pronunciation mistakes

Third Way

You have to use all above ways at one time before sleeping it will get memorized very fast

and the part you have memorized will be strong when you wake you will just need to revise it before your class.

We hope you have enjoying reading this article.]

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